Chapter 6: 38

Mr. Tanaka: But not too easy, I need to let Suzuki know I mean business tomorrow.

Chapter 6: 37

Mr. Tanaka: Aaaggh! It feels like my chest is about to explode. I should probably take it easy…

Chapter 6: 34

Mr. Tanaka: No child should have to grow up without their parents. It’s time I make a stand. A stand for…

Chapter 6: 28

Mr. Tanaka: It’s so hot. That damn landlord hasn’t fixed the AC yet. I don’t know why I still live here. I could have moved to a nicer place a long ago.

Chapter 6: 27

Mr. Tanaka: And the rug is gone too. Damn… it really tied the room together.

Chapter 6: 25

Mr. Tanaka: Is it really back to life as usual? With nobody waiting for me to get back home.

Chapter 6: 24

Mr. Tanaka: What kind of person leaves their kid tied up? Someone should knock some sense into that woman.

Chapter 6: 23

Guy: Is he going to fine here by himself?
Yuki-chan: He’ll be fine. He is used to it. Usually he just cries himself to sleep.

Chapter 6: 22

Yuki-chan: Now stay here and be quiet. This nice man is going to buy mommy a new expensive bag.
Child: Don’t go mommy! Whaaaaaaaa!

Chapter 6: 21

Chet Madagin: He does it! The crowd goes wild. They scream his name “Chet! Chet! Chet!” Mad Dog Chet Madagin has done it again!

Chapter 6: 20

Chet Madagin: 1 second left on the clock. It all comes down to this last shot. Will Chet Madagin once again save the day?

Chapter 6: 19

Mr. Tanaka: I feel so lost. I’ve given everything to this company for 30 years. When I finally get something of my own, they take it away. Is this how it has to be?

Chapter 6: 18

Dear Tanaky,
Well you know that thing we have been talking about…
You’re going to be a great father! I’m so happy!
love, June XXOOXX

Chapter 6: 15

Suzuki: So I want you to go home and get some sleep. And remember what makes you Domo Robotics number one employee. Our motto is “Work is Life!”
Tanaka: Yes, sir.

Chapter 6: 14

Suzuki: It’s of no concern to you. There will be other woman, but now is when the company needs you most. We have come too far to fail now.

Chapter 6: 13

Mr. Suzuki: So I’ve made arrangements so that will free you of distractions, Tanaka. I need you focused these next couple of weeks and not distracted by some woman. The TNK is going to change the world.
Tanaka: What arrangements did you make?

Chapter 6: 12

Mr. Suzuki: But it was just distraction. A distraction from our main goal.

Chapter 6: 9

Mr. Suzuki: Tanaka you have helped build this company into what it is today. You are the engine that dives us forward. But lately, something has been troubling me.
Mr. Tanaka: Sir, what is it?
Mr. Suzuki: Your slipping Tanaka. Your heart just isn’t in it like it was before.

Chapter 6: 8

Mr. Suzuki: Do you remember that day 30 years ago? The day I found you tossed out of P.O.W. camp.
Mr. Tanaka: Yes, sir I do.
Mr. Suzuki: I took a gamble on you. I saw something special in you. Now 30 years of perfection later we stand here at the precipice of achieving ultimate glory for this company.

Chapter 6: 7

Japan learned a hard lesson that day, but as you very well know it would not be the last. 35 years ago the Soviets invaded Japan. The cold war had turned hot and we were reliant on the American’s for our defense. We were not ready for what had come.

Chapter 6: 6

Mr. Suzuki: Samurai were Japan’s great warrior class. For hundreds of years they ruled Japan until one day, some black ships came to port. The samurai were outclassed and outmatched. They had failed one of histories greatest lessons. Continue to progress or die.

Chapter 6: 5

Mr. Suzuki: What I see is a “system”. A system that takes the chaotic actions of individuals and harnesses their power for productivity. Do you know the story of the samurai?
Mr. Tanaka: Yes, sir everyone does.

Chapter 6: 4

Mr. Tanaka: I see sprawling metropolis filled with people trying to eek out an existence in an increasingly hostile and dangerous world.
Mr. Suzuki: WRONG! You know nothing, Tanaka. You look with your eyes, but you don’t see what is really there.

Chapter 6: 3

Mr. Suzuki: Tell me Tanaka, what do you see?
Mr. Tanaka: I see Tokyo, sir.
Mr. Suzuki: No, what do you really see?