Chapter 8: 33

Mr. Tanaka: Your future has a big hole in it. Now why don’t you tell what I want to know before you have a matching one.

Chapter 8: 26

Mr. Suzuki: The TNK 9000 is the latest creation from the Future Innovative Security Tech program. The samurai armor is just for symbolism. This time we won’t fail, we have technology on our side.
鈴木さん:TNK 9000は、Future Innovative Security Techプログラムからの最新の作品だ。侍の鎧は象徴性のためにある。今度こそ、我々は失敗するな。テクノロジーは我々の仲間だ!

Chapter 8: 25

Mr. Suzuki: You look a bit surprised Tanaka. Did you really think we weren’t developing a military grade robot?

Chapter 8: 21

Mr. Suzuki: To be honest, I don’t really care about Dr. Takahashi’s “biological” experiments. They are a dead end in my mind.
Mr. Tanaka: So what will happen to them?

Chapter 8: 19

Mr. Suzuki: They could never understand what caused all the other test subjects to go crazy. Testing on you was inconclusive so perhaps your child holds the secrets.

Chapter 8: 18

Mr. Suzuki: It was Japan’s last chance to fight back the Soviet invaders. Take your average salaryman and turn him into a soldier, a killing machine without equal on the battlefield. You alone survived the process, but even you never lived up to the potential. The program was shut down, but the Doctor wants to run some tests on your progeny.

Chapter 8: 17

Mr. Suzuki: It wasn’t her he wanted, but what she has inside of her. Do you remember the SS program?

Chapter 8: 15

Mr. Suzuki: June? Oh, Dr. Takahashi had a need for her. You know how he is with his “experiments” and all.

Chapter 8: 13

Mr. Suzuki: Problems? We own you, Tanaka. We are the ones who decide what the problems are.

Chapter 8: 12

Mr. Suzuki: I think you owe me a new door.
Mr. Tanaka: The door is going to be the least of your problems.

Chapter 8: 9

Ms. Kanda: Good morning Mr. Tanaka. What are you doing here so early? You know Mr. Suzuki doesn’t like visitors this early.

Chapter 8: 7

Mr. Tanaka: Whenever I see the sun low in the horizon, I always wondering if it is setting or rising.
田中さん:太陽が低いときに、下がっているか、上がっているかを迷っている 。

Chapter 8: 5

Robot receptionist: Good morning Mr. Tanaka.
Mr. Tanaka: Ah, good morning.

Chapter 8: 4

Domo Robotics is the world leader in robot development. Building a better future today!
ドモ・ロバティクスは世界のロボットリーダー. 今日によい将来を作っている。

Chapter 8: 3

Door Sentry: ID confirmed Mr. Tanaka. You may enter Domo Robotics Industries. Have a nice day.
ドア歩哨: ID確認ができた、田中さん。ドモ・ロボティクス株式会社に入ってよろしいです。良い一日を。