Chapter 9: 25

Remiko: Mr. T? That was the best you could come up with?
Mr. Tanaka: I’m a bit rusty, OK! I did just get up from being knockout for a few days.
Remiko: I guess I can let that slide, but did you really make a “Dad Joke” to the solider?
Mr. Tanaka: When I said we were going to do it “My way” what did you think I meant?
Remiko: Not dad jokes…
Mr. Tanaka: Do you want me to wear the ninja suit or not?
Remiko: Fine…. but I don’t have to laugh.
Mr. Tanaka: Suit yourself….
Remiko: I hate you.

Chapter 9: 17

Soldier: Hey, your not our normal driver.
Mr. Tanaka: Yeah, he called in sick at the last minute.
Soldier: We didn’t get any call of a driver change.
Mr. Tanaka: Hey, I’m just a driver, there must be some problem on your side.
Soldier: What’s your name?
Mr. Tanaka: Name… ah Mister… T..
Solider: Mister T?

Chapter 9: 15

Remiko: You’ve already changed out of your ninja outfit!
Mr. Tanaka: You want in, don’t you? Then trust me.
Remiko: Fine, but once were in you have to change back.
Mr. Tanaka: We’ll see.

Chapter 9: 12

Mr. Tanaka: Funny, getting that weird feeling like I’ve done this before. Nah, but be outfit. It’s a bit tight in the groin region.
Remiko… who is she? And why does she remind me of someone…

Chapter 9: 9

Mr. Tanaka: So you want me to help you to break into the military’s impenetrable mountain fortress?
Remiko: Yes.
Mr. Tanaka: Do you have a plan to get in?
Remiko: No, but that’s why I have you.
Mr. Tanaka: I see.

Chapter 9: 8

Mr. Tanaka: We look ridiculous
Remiko: No, we look cool. Get down, someone will see us.
Mr. Tanaka: Doubtful.
Remiko: Anyways, can you see it?
Mr. Tanaka: Yes, but I’m not sure why you think I’m going to love it.

Chapter 9: 7

Mr. Tanaka: White Ninjas?
Remiko: Don’t you like? Besides winter has come. It snowed a lot while you were out.
Mr. Tanaka: So what is it you need me to help you with?
Remiko: You’re going to love it, I promise ha ha.
れみこ:きっとあなたが大好きなこと。約束です、 はは

Chapter 9: 6

Remiko: Ha ha… well your clothes were covered in blood and I needed to take some… measurements.

Chapter 9: 4

Remiko: So back with the living I see.
Mr. Tanaka: How long was I out?
Remiko: A couple of days.
Mr. Tanaka: Thanks for taking care of me.
Remiko: Look, I need your help with something.